How Can I Find The Most Reliable & Affordable All-In-One Printer Online?


Question: What is the cheapest and best all in one printer with Wi-Fi, Scanner, Fax, Photocopying, and has a Media card slot for the most popular formats?. Answer: This isn’t a completely simple answer, but I’ll explain my story on how I found a Canon MX350 off Amazon for $35. Basically, I was like this […]

Is An “All-In-One” Personal Computer A Good Choice For A Home Computer?


Question: I’ve been looking at those “All-In-One” PC’s at Wall-Mart, and also at other stores and sales rep’s are saying they’re a good choice. But are they really good for me?. I just need a basic PC that can be upgraded down the road.   Answer: The answer to this question is mainly depending on […]

Why Does FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Transfers Always Take So Long To Load?


Question: I upload files all the time to my WordPress website through HostGator hosting. Why does it take longer than usual to upload a 1MB file?. Usually it’s up to 10 minutes if the file has lots of individual files in it. Answer: I actually notice this too myself when I am either downloading a […]

iOS 8: What We Could Look Forward To


This is a guest post by Lily Sommers. Apple is once again set to dominate the mobile market this 2014 through their highly-anticipated iPhone 6 and the new version of its propriety Operating System The iOS 8. Judging by its previous versions, the Cupertino Camp’s mobile software has always been on the forefront of innovation. […]

Windows Freezing While Chrome Is Running While Running Off An SSD?


I don’t actually mean windows in a car freezing. What I actually mean is Windows 7 Professional freezing while it’s installed primarily on a SSD (Solid State Drive). Lately, Ive been using Chrome (as always) and Windows will basically completely freeze (with the ability to move my mouse around still) and the only thing that […]

Facial Recognition Software: Is This A Synonym for Facebook?


This is a guest post by Manton Angus. Facebook has evolved into newer mechanisms by which it will recognize familiar faces. It has planned to make changes to the process of tagging friends in photos uploaded to the social network. This new system will scan all images posted to Facebook and suggest the names of people […]

5 Internet Rules that Make you a Smarter Web User


This is a guest post by Leana Thorne.   Though clearly mimicking the real life, the online space does have its own rules and laws that influence almost everybody’s behavior. The more you’re acquainted with these, the easier it is for you to build your online self and not end up stressing out about cyber […]

Will The Android Get iTunes And Sync Music Just Like On The iPhone?

itunes android

When Windows received it’s first version of iTunes, officially made by Apple, I was actually pretty excited. I used it from then until now, and haven’t looked back. It was purely a motive from Apple, to get their “iTunes Store” onto the Windows platform. In fact, I think a huge percentage of Windows users, use […]

Get A Free Copy Of Mac X DVD’s Mobile Video Converter Software


Hey all!. It’s time for a new post for once. Basically, MacXDVD is holding a giveaway of their MacX Mobile Video Converted until April 10th. So if you want to get a free copy, that is worth $49.95, which is a software suite that helps you convert HD and SD videos over to iPhone and […]

What The Heck Is “Plus-HD-7.6″? Why Am I Getting Pop Ups?


Question: What is this “WARNING! Please Install Update To Continue.”?.  This is something I experienced myself, and was not asked about from a reader. Basically, I was browsing a site I shouldn’t of ever gone to, without even knowing that this would install itself as an extension in all browsers I was using. That includes […]