iOS & Android Control 80% Of Smartphone Sales Within United States Now

NPD the market research firm today issued a press release discussing the newer trends within the U.S. smartphone sales within 2011 as being compared to years previously, which a strong note of the growth in the iOS and Android which has led the way for both platforms to represent now a strong control of the […]

Worlds Best Bike Lube Worth Shaking A Stick At

For so long I used many different chain lubes for my mountain bikes. They were all basically either the ones that you would need to clean off yourself, or there was one I was introduced to by my local bike shop called White Lightning. This stuff apparently has no greese build up, and it eventually […]

Siri-Enabled Television Set Being Looked At By Apple, With Possible Release For 2013


Apple is definitely thinking of releasing their TV set, which Nick Bilton says, from the New York Times. The Television, which may come with voice control as courtesy of Siri, may be announced as of later in 2012, with a release to the consumers in 2013. Quoted by Bilton, is sources that are anonymous saying […]

Sum 41 Releases New Album “Live At The House Of Blues, Cleveland”


I know, your not that excited to hear about a new album from Sum 41, being just live recordings. But for the fans out there, you can watch it as of today. The date of the recordings was on September 15th, 2007. It’s available on iTunes currently. And as we wait for a real new […]