Ad’s Within Operating Systems Previously Steve Job’s Idea

Previously in 2009, a patent by Apple, in an application had showed up leading towards the possibility that the company had seeked out the idea of having advertisements within an operating system, well specifically Mac OS X as you can see in the image below. The user then would receive free or even goods and […]

iOS & Android Control 80% Of Smartphone Sales Within United States Now

NPD the market research firm today issued a press release discussing the newer trends within the U.S. smartphone sales within 2011 as being compared to years previously, which a strong note of the growth in the iOS and Android which has led the way for both platforms to represent now a strong control of the […]

Work On Mac OS X 10.8 Has Begun, By Apple


Work on 10.8 has already started as the next big version of Mac OS X which is to be labeled as v10.8. Apple already released the final version of OS X 10.7 on Lion, last July. OS X Lion was the first and only version to be include alot new features and is available through […]