Advantages & Disadvantages To The iPhone And Android


First of all, I just want to mention that everyone has a different opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of these two completely different kinds of smartphones. Everyone is different, and so please take my opinions as my own opinions, not something that I think other people should think too. No flaming in the comments, […]

Philips Planning To Sell iOS Controlled Light Bulbs (LED) In Apple Stores Exclusively


A new iOS-controlled LED light bulb that can pretty much light up any color and also personalize your lighting experience with even more of a wide array of dimmer and also scheduling options is being revealed by Philips themselves, and it may just be the light bulb that Apple will be using in their retail […]

“Colors” Ad For 13″ MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display Shown By Apple On TV


  Apple has recently shown a new TV advertisement for the 13″ MacBook Pro with the Retina Display. This spot shows off a few different Apple applications just like Final Cut Pro, Mail, Aperture and also iTunes. The newest machine is being aimed at “the professional in everyone”. Introducing the new 13″ MacBook Pro. With […]

Amazon partnering with Foxconn to take on Apple in smartphones


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Amazon is working on partnering with Foxconn to create a brand new smartphone product that would compete with the iPhone, which would also compete with other smartphone brands as well and not just specifically Apple. A smartphone would give Amazon a wider range of low-priced hardware devices that […]

Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich Is Only Installed Onto 7% Of Devices, Gingerbread Now 65%


Apparently, only 7 out of every 100 Android smartphones are running the 4.0 version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s the most recent firmware update available. This is the story that is said in the latest edition of the Android Platform Versions chat. As much of a piss off as 7.1% is, it’s quite […]

Direct Carrier Billing Added For Google Play Movies, Books and Music


Android users are now allowed to purchase their applications directly through their carrier bill. It has been confirmed by Google that they will be able to do this for media services aswell. And that also includes Books, Movies, and also Music transactions directly through the carrier bill aswell, as confirmed by Google. The very first […]

10,000 Available Apps Reached By Mac App Store

MacGeneration has pointed out [Google Translation], that the Mac App Store by Apple has reached a new height of 10,000 applications that are available to be bought through their marketplace. The sister site AppShopper has confirmed this new threshold, which is currently indexed at around 10,339 applications within the store itself. Apple had released the […]

Technical Support, For “Google Play”?!


Google, of all companies, that have their own “marketplaces” for smartphones and tablets, have never offered technical support through phone lines until now. Apparently the Nexus One temporarily had technical support, though getting onto the phone with someone actually working for Google was quite difficult. Just last night, redditor CarMapsGuy had said that there is […]

App Store By Apple Achieves 25 Billion Downloads, On Pace Now For 15 Billion Apps Every Year

The App Store by Apple just yesterday reached 26 billion downloads ever since it’s own inception in the year of 2008, going along with the milestone that was reached at the end of the companies “25 Billion App Countdown” promo that was released just about two weeks ago. The promo winners, which is to be […]

Using GPS’s For Mountain Biking

This technology has been out for quite awhile now, as GPS’s are pretty common to find for any purpose like if your driving, hiking, flying, and of course biking. There are many more uses for GPS’s in other activities aswell. But this article is specifically all about GPS’s for mountain biking as it is essential […]