Best Site For Comparing Smartphone Specifications & Ratings


Comparing smartphones has been a struggle for awhile now. There is the struggle of choosing the right device that you will be using for a 3 year term, it’s one choice that you have to be wise with deciding with. Normally, I compare specifications of anything in a dual monitor setup, with one smartphone next […]

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If Your Wristwatch Synced With Your iPhone Or Android?

So I myself have seen some lame products that are being promoted through the “kickstarter” program, so this site is where people go to try and promote whatever product they have to see if they can make it become a reality as a success in sales, if people like the idea and donate some money […]

iPhone Steals 58% Of Shipments Of Tablets For 4Q 2011

A company in research of Strategy Analytics today revealed that the results of the calculations of the worldwide tablet shipments during the 2011 fourth quarter, shows that Apple is continuing to be holding a big chunk of the market (the majority) as the Android is improving in standing on the strength of the Kindle Fire […]

iPhone 4S Still Wanted By 54% Of Near-Term Smartphone Buyers

Over the huge and “catastrophically awesome hype” that was generated by Samsung and Apple, the research firmed named ChangeWave Research released some results just today of the data that was finalized from a newer survey of the North American smartphone users that shows that over half of those who are looking into buying a smartphone […]

Logging Software Called “Carrier IQ” Discovered Within Countless Mobile Phones

In the past two days, there’s been a high amount of news from the press after the discovery of Trevor Eckhart who has revealed the the massive amount of logging software overall throughout most Android, BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones. The extent of this logging was shown in a video, that was posted and briefly shown […]

Micro SIM Cards A Thing Of The Past, Already?

The next thing is already here. It started off with being used in the iPad, the 3G models. There are basically two form factors for SIM cards, which is 2FF for regular sized SIM cards used in smartphones regularly, and now the “Micro-SIM” cards are 3FF. I dont get why the number is higher, but […]

BBX Smartphones From RIM Will Have Same Resolution/Aspect Ratio As PlayBook, BES Support Coming Too


Have you been wondering what Research In Motion has been planning despite them failing miserably in the smartphone market?. What if I was to say that they have something planned, and it’s their forthcoming product line of BBX-based handsets?. The company says it’s “derived” from at least some of their own inspiration from their Blackberry […]

My Thoughts The HP Touchpad, And Other Tablets


I like it when companies don’t copy a product by just making a “tablet” and putting a generic operating system on it like the tablets that are equipped with the Android OS by Google which is also used in smartphones obviously. Apple entered the tablet industry with the iPad which kind of seems like they […]