Smartphone Water Blocking Technology May Be Included In The iPhone 5 From Hz0

Just during the week of January 17th, the Liquipel waterproofing technology was shown and proved to help smartphones in being pretty much completely resistant to water from spills or deep dives into the water. The water proof coating coming from the Liquipel technlogy is applied from the outside of the smartphone and although you can’t […]

Galaxy S III “Still Being Reviewed” For Release Date By Samsung

According to Androinica, it is clear that that the Samsung Galaxy S II is clearly one of the most popular, if not the actual top player in the Android-based smartphones to this day, so it’s quite natural to want the newest player that is coming after this player. Though, the next-generation handheld that is korean […]

My Audiophile Resurrection Of The Android Over iPhone Music Syncing

Jesus with Galaxy S (made by me)

Hello everyone, I am a music lover. And yes that is Jesus holding a Galaxy S. The phone is so old now that it is dated back to 1600 A.D. and now the Galaxy S II is out, which I have now given up on keeping up with technology and phones, there is a new […]

Samsung Will Bring In More Customers From Android Compared To iOS Apple Admits

It was noted earlier today that a U.S. Judge just later last week refused to issue a injunction that was preliminary against Samsung, barring them from selling their Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy tablets within the U.S. while the case of Apple saying that the patent and also the design infringement was moved through the courts. […]

Apple Appealing, After Galaxy Tablet Ban In Australia Lifted

It has been reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that the courts in Australia have now lifted the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country of Australia, reversing the previous injunction. The full bench of the Federal Court – Justices John Dowsett, Lindsay Foster and David Yates – today unanimously reversed a […]

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tweaked By Samsung, For Release Within Germany (a German website) has noted (via FOSS Patents) that Samsung has re-released their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, with a tweaked design while releasing it under the new Galaxy Tab 10.1N name given in an attempt to hide away from any possibilities of having another injunction being filed against them, as this design is […]

Galaxy Nexus Release Date Fades, And Device Has Been Caught On FCC

And here is a bigger change in the pace of this device: The Euros now know when they will get a certain device, where the Americans are usually still twiddling their thumbs. Meanwhile, numerous European carriers and retailers have already given a date to when they will receive a Galaxy Nexus, later this month or […]

The Google Nexus Giveaway Contest

So you have already read on why the new update from Google for their Android OS, “Ice Cream Sandwich” and why it is so good, well you are probably aware of the Galaxy Nexus too. Well apparently it’s not out yet, but carriers have yet to release it. Well for the time being, Google is […]

Australian Retailer Plays Cat & Mouse With Apple Over Galaxy Tab

It was noted previously last month, later on, that Apple had started letting Australian retailers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the injunction, that would disallow the device to be sold in Australia entirely. The notice that Apple gave would be making it easier for the company to specifically target retailers with the seperate […]

Samsubg Deposing Jony Ive, Including Other Apple Designers, Seeking iPhone 4S Source Code


The battle between Apple and Samsung legally, continues to be a huge battle of rage within a few different countries, and Samsung will be going on the offensive with their recent attempts to obtain a testimony from Apple’s senior vice president Jony Ive including other Apple designers, aswell as receiving access to Apple’s iPhone 4S […]