Google’s Chrome Crashing & Freezing New Mac Laptops


Recently in the past few days, it has been highlighted by Gizmodo of past issues of crashing and freezing caused by Chrome being run on the most recent Mac notebooks, which includes the Gizmodos staff MacBook Air’s. If you switch over to Safari, it gets rid of all of the issues, and so Gizmodo recommends […]

Finally It’s Confirmed, Invitations Given By Apple For iPad 3 Media Event For March 7th

After all of the rumors going around on Mac blogs all over the internet saying that there may or may not be an actual new iPad 3 coming out, well now it’s official and Apple is confirming this, not some “reliable source”. With it being reported by The Loop, the newest event is being scheduled […]

Apple Almost Switched To AMD In 2011, For MacBook Air

In a profile of AMD that is just upcoming, it has been reported by Forbes that the processor company’s Llano family of combined “Fusion” CPU-GPU systems were incredibly something that Apple was considering to be using as their own brains behind their MacBook Air in 2011 for that revision. Though AMD did not make it […]

Software Fix Promised By Nokia For Lumia 800 Battery Issues

After this individual reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800, they experienced battery issues that go as far as problems with charging the phone aswell. It looks like other users of the phone had problems aswell. Though it’s becoming a sufficient problem of topic on the Forums at Nokia Support, which may or may not be considered […]

First-Generation Nano Replacements In Return For Risk Of Overheating Issue Now Showing Up

It was last week later on, that Apple revealed a global replacement program for the owners of the iPod Nano’s (first-generation models). The program was put into effect after battery issues were reported that may cause the devices to overheat and in extreme cases cause fires. Though it was a rare occurance. Meanwhile Apple has […]

iOS 5.0.1 Bringing Siri Integration?, Will iOS 5.0.2 Fix Battery Problems?

As reported by a German site, Macerkopf [Google's translation], it is said that Apple is working on software updates for iOS 5 in two different simultanious updates. With both updates to be looking at the near-term battery life issues, and long-term improvements for Siri, and it is also said by Macerkopf: iOS 5.0.2 coming very […]

Apple Still Investigating iOS 5 Battery Life Problems

It was yesterday that Apple launched their update of iOS 5.0.1, which is their first update to the company’s latest iOS 5.0 operating system which is for their mobile devices. And one designed in a large part in addressing these complaints from customers was for the battery life issues that people were experiencing. With this […]

Apple Releasing iOS 5.0.1 In Addressing Battery Life Problems

Apple just launched their iOS 5.0.1 to the general public, which brings new bug fixes for the battery life issues that was brought with the iOS 5 first official release. It also brings in a number of other fixes that includes multitasking gestures specifically for the original iPad. This update contains improvements and other bug […]

Introducing Yumi, Boot ISO’s From USB Sticks (Freeware)

If you are looking for a free application for Windows that will allow you to save a crapload of blank DVD’s and CD’s when your trying to simply boot an ISO just to recover your files in Linux, or anything you can do with an ISO, Yumi is here for you. I found it on […]

iOS 5 Battery Issues Fix Continued With User Testing & Internal Support Notices

Apple confirmed last week that they knew that iOS 5 users were experiencing battery life issues within their iOS 5 devices which was caused by some bugs within the new OS. And Apple is working on addressing this with the iOS 5.0.1 which is currently in beta testing of developers. Reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has […]