Audio Editing Software “Sound Forge” Coming To The Mac Soon?


A brand new website called “” has just gone online, with a big new break in Mac news in regards to a company that is currently undisclosed. The new website contains a YouTube video called “Countdown to a revolution”, and the site contains eight more slots that are blank where the other videos will be […]

Review Of iPad Issued, Release Date Here, Tear-apart Imminent, Mini-iPad Coming Up Next?

The actual release date of the device is tommorow, and a review of the iPad 3 is now here as made by TechRadar: Prices are going for: iPad 2 16GB: $419 iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G: $519 iPad 3 16GB: $519 iPad 3 32GB: $619 iPad 3 64GB: $719 All in CAD prices. But […]

iPhone 5 Expected To Be Released At WWDC In June, 2012 Says Analysts

It has been relayed by The Commercial Times of a report coming from Daiwa Securities saying that the iPhone 5 is being expected to be released at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is going to be held in June of this year. Daiwa Securities is claiming also that the iPhone 5 will be taking […]

In Between March & April, iPad 3 Is Expected To Be Released

It has been reported by Digitimes that Apple’s upcoming iPad will be readily available in just around 3-4 months. The supply chain of the publication has been indicated by sources that the newer geration iPad and the parts for it will be adding up while the iPad 2 production will begin to start declining. OEM […]

February The Release Date For Retina Display iPad 3?

The newer iPad will be coming this February which is according to the research notes that were issued by Citi’s own analyst Richard Gardner, which was provided by Business Insider. According to “several sources” the next iPad will launch in February, and it will sport a screen with double the resolution of the current model. […]

“Ivy Bridge” Mobile Processors For Apple’s Upcoming MBP’s Coming Around May

It has been leaked by VR-Zone of a roadmap for the next generation mobile processors from Intel, which is called “Ivy Bridge”. The “Sandy Bridge” processors from Intel are currently being used in Apple’s MacBook Pros and also the MacBook Air laptops. The “Ivy Bridge” processors will be offering numerous benefits for the laptop lineup […]

Apple Television (A6-Based) Coming In Three Different Sizes Going From 32-55 Inches?

It has been claimed by Smarthouse that they have received hints that Apple will offer their Television rumored to be released by 2013, to be offered in three different sizes which will be ranging from 32-55 inches, while the device being powered by a “new CPU”, (one can assume it will be the A6), is […]

MacBook Air Lineup Getting Update, Along With 15″ Model Around 1Q 2012?

It has been reported by Digitimes that an update has been set for the MacBook Air by Apple, for earlier next year. Now with a 15″ model that will be appearing on the side of the refreshed 11.6″ and 13.4″ models. It’s reported that the update will be taking place around the first quarter of […]

Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Fans In Galaxy II Advertisement

A new commercial has surfaced of the new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone which promoting the competition against the new iPhone and it’s fellow fans that lined up at retail stores nationwide to buy it. It mocks the fact that these people are also lining up for an iPhone 4S that is the same design […]

Apple Decides To Remove iPad Gaming Subscription Based App From Application Store

It was just the day before today that a newer report came up that Big Fish Games planned to release a gaming service that was subscription based, specifically for the iPad. A monthly fee was initially set for $4.99 per month, which allowed users to play numerous different games by Big Fish’s own created games […]