Apple Sold Out Already Of White iPad Mini Stock From Pre-Orders


Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPad mini and also the 4th generation iPad earlier this morning at around 3AM Eastern / 12AM Pacific. As it was said in the Mac Rumor forums, the initial stock of the iPad minis in white, already sould out in the U.S. And within the very first 17 minutes, […]

iPad 4th Gen & iPad Mini Now Available For Pre-Order


Pre-orders are now being accepted by Apple for the iPad mini and also the iPad 4th gen. Customers in the U.S. can also order the mini and Cellular models for Verizon, AT&T and even Sprint. The prices for the iPad mini are $329 (16GB), $429 (32GB), and also $529 (64GB). The models with Cellular capabilities […]

iOS 6.01 Being Tested By Apple With Bug Fixes For Flash Issues, Keyboard Screen Glitch & Much More


It has been reported by BGR that Apple has just started carrier testing for iOS 6.0.1, which is the very first bug update for iOS 6 ever since it’s release just about a whole month ago. It is said in the report, that iOS 6.0.1 fixes several bugs that includes a visual glitch that is […]

Event For iPad Mini Focusing On Boring iBooks Again


It has been reported recently by The Next Web that the hinted iPad Mini event is scheduled for October 23rd and will be having the specific focus on iBooks. The newest iPad Mini will be aiming towards at smaller tablets just like the Kindle Fire, which are generally used to provide content like books and […]

Who Are Some People Who Became Successful In Blogging?


First off, here are some successful bloggers that I have been fond of ever since their success, they aren’t sorted by how much I like them or how much any of them have been successful or anything, it’s just a list and they are all equally my personal favourite bloggers of all time. It may […]

Yet Another “iPhone 5″ Concept Leaked, The Whole Enclosure


I know, I know. It’s been on CNET, MacRumors, and everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean my blog can’t share the same news!. Here’s what’s new incase you haven’t heard about it yet…. A Japanese website called iLab has leaked a set of high definition images (via CyndiaBlog) which looks like the next generation iPhone […]

Brief Summary of Mountain Lion Reviews; “Incremental”, “Bargain at Twice the Price” and “Faster and Smoother”

As Apple has already released OS X Mountain Lion as of the 25th of July, many reviews of the company’s latest OS release have come rushing in from numerous different technology news blogs. Some of the reviews are very extensive, and MacRumors selected some of the most highlighted general reactions to the release. Ars Technica‘s […]

Upcoming iPhone Will Have Slimmer, Better Quality Screen


It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal, in regards to the next gen iPhone which they say will be using “in-cell” technology which will be making the display even thinner than ever before. As a matter of fact too, the mass production process for the newest screens has already begun. Japanese liquid-crystal-display makers […]

“iPad Mini” may just be coming this fall, NYT says


A concerto of reports released by the New York Times has shown a strong sign of an iPad mini with a 7.85″ screen coming this fall possibly. Just about two weeks ago, a report was offered by Bloomberg that is very similar and shows the same news, while also showing some other information from some […]