“In Time” Movie Review

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Alright, normally I retired from movie reviews but… here is one for a movie that I thought was pretty decent, obviously called “In Time“. Justin Timberlake is usually pretty good in his movies despite coming from a band, “The Back Street Boys“. Anyways, the story is about time being used as a currency, you use […]

Conference With Job’s @ D10 Now Available On Video & Audio

The interviews with just Job's come in at in between 45 mins to 95 mins per video.

It was announced by AllThingsD with the release of the video and audio podcasts that goes all over the six on-stage interviews with Steve Job’s on-stage showcases at the D Conference in between 2003 and also 2010. [B]y far the largest trove of video of the legendary innovator candidly answering unrehearsed questions and explaining his […]

Oh Yeah!, Mark Zuckerburg Just Got Married Eh?!

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According to The Providence and every other blog or website in the world Mark Zuckerburg got married to Prscilla Chan and so far 1,523,545 people like this. While there are people questioning what kind of agreement was signed by the couple in terms of what would happen in between the two if a divorce was […]

Screenwriter Confirmed For Steve Jobs Biography, Aaron Sorkin It IS

It was announced today by Sony Pictures that the screenwriter for the Steve Job’s biography film is going to be Aaron Sorkin. The film is an “adaptation” of Walter Isaacson’s book, the authorized biography of Steve Jobs. With Sorkin’s work to be done well in a series like The West Wing, the movie The Social […]

The Next Bourne Movie Is Here; The Bourne Legacy

Apparently, Jason Bourne was just the top of the ice burg. And a man that I’ve seen in alot of action movies named Jeremy Renner, whom normally is the un-main character, and instead being just “the other guy” in those action movies, he is now playing the main actor to this new action-packed sequel to […]

Screenplay For Steve Jobs Movie Being “Strongly Considered” By Aaron Sorkin

It was just last month that it was reported by Sony Pictures that they were trying to get Aaron Sorkin to be the one that will write the new screenplay for the newest movie for the video version of Walter Isaacsons authorized biography of Steve Jobs. The famous man, Sorkin, is also famous for his […]

Apple Releasing iTunes Movie Offerings Across A Dozen Different Countries

Estonian iTunes Store Movie Listing

Last month, later on, Apple released their iTunes Music Store in 12 additional European countries, with the new updated Terms and Conditions for users in those countries to address TV show content despite those options that were not bad in the newer countries. It appears now though, that Apple has started cranking out iTunes Store […]

Aaron Sorkin Being Courted By Sony To Write Screenplay For New Steve Jobs Movie?

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In the beginning of October, Sony Pictures acquired rights for a movie to Walter Isaacsons authorized biography of Steve Jobs in adapting the story to be seen on the big screen. It was viewed by Sony as a good solution as being a film. As Columbia Pictures created a good movie out of the whole […]

“The Shawshank Redemption”: Quite Possibly The Best Movie Of All Time

Quite possibly the best movie of all time. Above all, it is a movie about a man who gets framed for killing his wife, and innocently taken into a prison for life. Little does anyone know, but he has found hope within himself and no one knows why during the whole period of time he […]