Samsung & Apple’s $1 Billion Patent Result Response


It has been reported by the NYTimes on the response given by Samsung and Apple over the patent verdict yesterday which was found to be hugely in favor of Apple and it resulted in a $1 billion verdict directly against Samsung. The spokesperson from Apple, Katie Cotton says: We are grateful to the jury for […]

Motorola Sued By Apple For Licensing Cellular Technology By Qualcomm

It has been reported by Reuters that APple has already just filed a recently lawsuit directly against Motorola Mobility saying that Motorola has now breached an agreement in licensing in the efforts of having a number of iOS Apple devices being banned from being for sale in Germany. Just after a victory in December by […]

Exhibition Of Steve Jobs Now Located At U.S. Patent Office Museum

U.S. Patent and Office for Trademarks was opened last week showing off a new exhibition that honors Steve Jobs in their museum in Alexandria, Virginia. Directly located at the atrium of the office’s Madison Building headquarters. This new free museum is offering exhibits that are interactive, with a theater and portait gallery. The exhibit showcasing […]

Samsung Denies In Seeking Ban Of iPhone 4S in Korea, Victory In Source Code Access

As reported by The Chosunilbo (aka The Next Web), Samsung has decided just randomly at the last second requested not to have an injunction in banning the sale of the iPhone 4S in their home country of South Korea. The report says that the decision had spurred by the public relations’s own considerations, but with […]

Commission in Europe Opens Investigation Into Samsungs Patent Threats Against Apple


This patent dispute is between Samsung and Apple, but has certainly been pretty well-documented as it’s been expanded to encompass a number of different lawsuits and other complaints that were filed by both sides in a few different countries. The offensive portion of Samsung’s case is centered on a 3G-related petents that they own, but […]

QWHAT!, In Every HTC Android Phones Being Sold, Microsoft Get’s $5…


For every HTC Android Phone sold, Microsoft will receive $5… and why?. It’s because the phone (made by Taiwan-based HTC Corp.), has to do with a “patent dispute settlement” filed by Microsoft, as a settlement after HTC has infringed on Microsoft’s “intellectual property”, which shrinks the margins of the Android equipped gadgets, allowing tablets and […]