How To Hide A WordPress Author Name In Posts & Pages


There is always one specific reason why you want to hide your Author username in your own personal WordPress blog. I have my own reason that I am not going to share with you all, but what I will do is show you how to do this yourself, because I know you have a reason […]

Top 15 WordPress Security Plugins


Even though WordPress is pretty secure already, hackers are still attracted to blogs, as they are to anything else that can be hacked. Here are some WordPress plugins that will keep your WordPress blog secure, even though it won’t make your blog bullet-proof, they are just good to have. After I had installed all the […]

Will Cloud-Driven Office Suites Defeat Microsoft Office?


Update: All of the “free” cloud storage services have been compared on CNET, which includes Google Drive, iCloud, Skydrive, and some other ones I’ve never heard of, so check it out here. So there is now Google’s Drive cloud platform, which is competing with other Cloud-services though specifically Microsoft’s Skydrive and there are a few […]

Microsoft Takes On iOS Gaming With New Game Called “Kinectimals”

It was today that Microsoft took a huge step into the gaming platform, of the iOS with the newest release of the game Kinectimals. This new game, which is aiming to be played by children actually involves the interaction with virtual animals, which this game was debuted just last year on the Xbox 360 as […]

Winamp On The Mac Finally, 10 Years Later, With Android Music Synchronization

UPDATE: According to a fan of Winamp, AOL will be shutting down the development of the software indefinitely. As you may know, they probably will not release the source code for the software so no one can create a fork of it. Any ways, you can get the Windows version here now. Everything mentioned below […]