Samsung Reveals Galaxy S III In U.S. Will Get Android 4.1 Is Coming


Anyone who owns their own Nexus Android smartphone in the U.S. knows exactly how slow the upgrade process is in the real world. In between the manufacturers that cause delays and carriers with their extensive testing of firmwares before being released, a flagship smartphone can be heavily plagued by older software for many months with […]

Java Development Kits Released By Oracle For OSX While Work On Java SE 7 Continues For Mac

Ever since late 2010 it was revealed by Apple that they would stop supporting Java for OS X, as Steve Jobs had noted that Apple had always been a version behind which was normally being handled by Sun/Oracle which is the company that handles Java for all of the other platforms. The confusion within the […]

Apple Releases New iPad And iPhoto For iPad


I know this is OLD news but just two days ago the new iPad was released (March 7th) and it was not named the “iPad 3″. Apple simply made things more simple, and just named it the next generation iPad. This could be a landmark for newer names for future products, they could simply call […]

Apple Showcases Two New Advertisements For iPhone 4S “Rock God” & “Road Trip”

The two new advertisements were posted by Apple on their own Youtube account just this evening, which was “Rock God” and “Road Trip”. Both of these advertisements show off the numerous ways you can use the Siri functionality in finding directions, or even sending SMS messages. Though there have been numerous other iPhone 4S advertisements […]

Apple Launches Supplier Responsibility Program For 2012 Report And List For Suppliers

The environmental stream of rights for the laborers news coming from Apple is now continuing today with the Progress Report for this year of 2012. It is detailed in this report of their efforts to look over the conditions for the workers and the environmental responsibilities at all of their suppliers all around the world, […]

iTunes 10.5.2 Updated By Apple With Audio Distortion Fix and iTunes Match Fixes

iTunes 10.5.2 was released today by Apple, with a huge update bringing huge updates to the iTunes Match service and a number of fixes for the audio distortion  problem that is been experienced by users with a number of different CD’s. About iTunes 10.5.2 iTunes 10.5.2 includes several improvements for iTunes Match and fixes an […]

Twelve Days Of Christmas Application Released For Free From Apple For Europe

The “12 Days of Christmas” app has been released by Apple in their iTunes Store holiday promotion going on for European customers only. The newest free application gives away free content everyday from the date of December 26th to January 6th. You and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released By Google

Developers can now download the new update apparently and it is said that Ice Cream Sandwich will be open sourced just shortly after the revealing of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although the code has actually been made publicly just before the release of Google’s latest benchmarking phone. Member of the Android Open Source Project and […]

1st-Gen iPod Nano Worldwide Replacement Program Launched By Apple

It was today that Apple rolled out emails to users that own the company’s very first generation iPod Nano’s that they are now offering a replacement program that intends to address huge worries over the device overheating batteries that blow up and kill everyone within a whole city block. Joking, but yes the batteries overheat. […]

Apple’s MacBook Pro’s Firmware Release Fixes Unexpected Shutdown Problems


Apple has issued a MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.5 that addresses the issue where the laptop would shut off by itself during heavy CPU loads, even when it was plugged in. This update resolves an issue where a MacBook Pro being used with a power adapter may unexpectedly shut down under heavy workload if […]