Rumors Continuing To Shoot For November 2nd As The Release Date For “iPad Mini”


Just in the beginning of this week, it was pointed out in a couple claims that suggested that Apple was going to release the “iPad Mini” on Friday, November 2nd of this year. This was also a case of the date being the most accurate and reasonable one with their past history being known for […]

Samsung Planning Launch Event August 15th, Rumors Point Towards Galaxy Note II


It has been planned by Samsung to inform all media outlets to book the date of August 15th of this year for a “Galaxy related” release event. This big announcement will be taking place in the U.S. starting at about 10:00AM EST. Though unfortunately the event details were not given except for the date that […]

Refreshed iPad Nano coming with new body style with a new Home Button?


Coming from the same old Japanese blog about Macs named Macotakara, has reported that Apple will be creating a new design for the upcoming next generation iPod nano coming later this year with a whole new form factor that is alot more closely focused on the iPod touch design. The report says that the iPad […]

Rumors Of New Apple iOS Dock Connector Revealed


Previously in February, it was reported by iMore that Apple had been working on a much smaller dock connector for all of their iOS devices, and they were figuring out how they could shrink the size of the most current 30-pin connector accordingly to allow their hardware to become even smaller and also provide space […]

Facebook Hires Original Apple iPhone Engineers For Rumored Facebook Phone


There’s been numerous hints and rumors and talks in regards to Facebook that may just be creating their own phone, to enter the mobile phone market with their own device. The NYTimes has already brought back these rumors just this weekend in saying in a report that says that Facebook is actually planning to release […]

Screenwriter Confirmed For Steve Jobs Biography, Aaron Sorkin It IS

It was announced today by Sony Pictures that the screenwriter for the Steve Job’s biography film is going to be Aaron Sorkin. The film is an “adaptation” of Walter Isaacson’s book, the authorized biography of Steve Jobs. With Sorkin’s work to be done well in a series like The West Wing, the movie The Social […]

Unrevealed Benchmarks Of 2012 MacBook Pro & iMac Models Revealed

As said in the MacRumors forums, results from two benchmark results have appeared in the database of Geekbench in the past few days which are starting conversations everywhere about the upgrades that may be imminent to the iMac and MacBook Pro models. The very first interesting entry is the MacBookPro9, which is currently corrosponding to […]

Headphone Jack & Earpiece Parts For iPhone 5 Revealed

Leaked parts of the upcoming iPhone 5 were shown at which is a component vendor whom claim these components shown in the photo below are from the device. So the parts for this phone are just beginning to show up, this is the very beginning of the rumor rampage. This new part takes part […]

Rumors Of iPhone 5 Reiterating Sayings Of Tinier Dock Connector, Screen Aspect Ratio The Same

A newer and smaller dock connector is apparently being planned by Apple for the next upcoming iPhone 5, as said in a report by iMore. This website has been quite reliable in the past and has already predicted a few things accurately with the release of the iPad that is LTE equipped. It has also […]

Apple TV Set Coming w/ Siri & Face-Tracking iSight For Calls Through FaceTime?

It has been reported by Cult Of Mac that they have now received information from a very “well-placed” source who is saying that there is a new prototype of the Apple Television set that was a previous rumor going around the internet for some time. Across the main features that are being reported to be […]