Former AltaVista / Amazon Search Exec Hired By Apple To Run Siri Department


Apparently, Apple has recently hired William Stasior, whom is a search veteran coming from Amazon and other early search engines like AltaVista, to run their Siri department, according to All Things D and MacRumors. Stasior was normally in charge of Amazon’s A9 department, which is the company’s main worldwide search and search advertising department. Stasior […]

Siri Showing More Potential, Though Accuracy Fails Within Google Text Searching


As it is not suprising that Siri, being in the “beta” status still, is using a very new technology for voice recognition for mobile devices, which from a study made by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has found that the abilities of Siri are still thrown off in the text-entry Google searching which have been […]

Xbox Music Service By Microsoft Including Downloads, Streaming and Cloud Storage?


Just earlier this month, it was said by MacRumors that Microsoft was taking a major attempt at pushing their own products into the living room, while using their Xbox 360 hardware as a media hub for streaming video content and also a “SmartGlass” application for numerous different platforms which would allow two-way Airplay-like wireless streaming […]

Rumors Of New Apple iOS Dock Connector Revealed


Previously in February, it was reported by iMore that Apple had been working on a much smaller dock connector for all of their iOS devices, and they were figuring out how they could shrink the size of the most current 30-pin connector accordingly to allow their hardware to become even smaller and also provide space […]

“Eyes Free” Siri Integration Confirmed by GM For New Vehicles In Next 12 Months


General Motors is at the top for being one of the first automakers to be supporting the “Eyes Free” feature by Apple with iOS 6, as said by GMAuthority. A dedicated Siri button will be placed on the steering wheel for Eyes Free, which gives users the ability to control their iPhones without moving their […]

Tim Cook Interview @ D10 Goes Well & Many Hints Arise


So apparently Tim Cook said in his interview at D10 that Apple is going to double down on their secrecy of their products. This makes sense as leaks are made weeks before the release of any product. How could they prevent all of this?. Well that’s probably a secret too. But I’m sure he could […]

Steve Job’s Last Project Was iPhone With Bigger Display

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Job’s was very closely working on the design work for the upcoming iPhone which is rumored to be released later this year, after claims have been made that it will be a huge update compared to the last iPhone’s, because it will be housing a newer, and bigger […]

Verizon Ending Unlimited Data Plans For Existing Users With 4G Switch

Verizon, the U.S. mobile carrier is making plans to end all unlimited data plans for their existing customers for their smartphones and the plans will be switched over to the family data-sharing programs as the customers are switching over to LTE data plans. Regularly the iPhone was originally offered with an unlimited data plan when […]

Slightly False Advertising Of Siri By Apple In Advertisements Leads To Getting Sued

It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that the target is now Apple for a newer lawsuit coming from an iPhone 4S customer who is claiming that the company is engaging in a “deceptive and misleaded” advertising promotion for their personal assistant, Siri as being a feature of the device. Frank Fazio, the […]

Two iPhones With Siri Talking To Each Other (Video)

The video is short, but as you can see a man took two iPhone 4S’s and made them talk to each other as they both have Siri on them. It is pretty funny, and interesting but them talking to each other, if you want to call them “them”, is something that only goes so far. […]