Safari 5.1.2 Released By Apple, w/ PDF Viewing Tweaks & “White Flash”

It was released by Apple today, of their Safari 5.1.2 web browser update, which brings a number of fixes and some other patches. The one that is the biggest update is the issues of the PDF viewing that has been fixed, and pages that were “Flashing White”. This update contains various improvements, including fixes that: […]

A Closer Look On Apple’s GPS Shopper Locating Software

Last week later on, The New York Times looked deeper into the retail store software supplied by Apple for their retail staff, which is used for in response of customer requests for help, which offers a very rare glimpse to the public of how the internal application works and what it looks like. The app […]

Self Combustion Experienced By iPhone 4, While Being Inside Landed Plane

It has been pointed out by The Register of a press release (PDF) that came from an Australian airline Regional Express that described an accident that happened last Friday where an iPhone had actually blew itself up with descriptional words used in “self combustion” while being inside of a plane just after it landed just […]

Apple Offers Free Shipping For U.S. Orders Through December 22nd

It was noted by Apple today on their online store for the U.S. that all orders will be provided with free shipping through December 22nd. It simply requires a minimum of $50 in the order for it to qualify for free shipping, so this newest program from Apple givescustomers the option to save some dough […]

Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Fans In Galaxy II Advertisement

A new commercial has surfaced of the new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone which promoting the competition against the new iPhone and it’s fellow fans that lined up at retail stores nationwide to buy it. It mocks the fact that these people are also lining up for an iPhone 4S that is the same design […]

Slimmer iPad 3 Coming Soon With Lower-Powered Retina Display?

Rumors are speculating of a 2048×1536 resolution display for the iPad 3 which has been going around for awhile now, though the display’s effectiveness on the tablets form factor is debatable still. A form of a claim which was released earlier this month, contained information regarding Apple being required of two different light bars to […]

The Competition Is Already Shaking In Their Boots Regarding Apple’s Television Set Plans

It has been reported by AllThingsD, on a just recent research that is noted by an analyst named Peter Misek, that suggests that manufacturers are already basically scrambling and shaking in their boots in a reaction to the claims that Apple is in preporations to enter the television set market very soon. Rather than being […]

Facebook Phone By HTC Coming In 2013?

This is the most screwed idea I’ve ever seen. And it’s officially all over the internet. The rumors are that this phone is coming in 2013, and will be a Android-based phone that won’t just be a phone with the Facebook app installed on it, it will be like the Kindle Fire, amazon style. You […]

Apple Now Allowing iOS Subscriptions Of Gaming Services With App Store [New Updates]

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Apple is opening up a new class of offerings in the App Store, which allows the game publisher Big Fish Games to now offer a subscription monthly to a package that will be allowing users with access to a number of different games from the company, directly through […]

Senior-Level Executives Being Recruited By Apple In Expanding Cloud Services

It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that Apple is looking into actively recruiting a newer senior-level executive in assisting with the company’s new cloud-based services to users. This move is coming from Apple as they are no doubt seeking to build their iCloud services that were officially released last month. In recent […]